Monday, September 06, 2004

Take one giant step... Mother, May I?

Remember that childhood game? Well, I am taking one without asking and hope you will grant me leniency.

For some time now, I have been thinking of doing a total blog makeover. This means a new host, new address, new look and new name. You may be wondering why I would do this.

1. The current blog template is fiddly to work with, especially with a Mac. I do not think this program is all that Apple friendly. I want to be able to change the page color, font style and color with ease and place add ons to my page without a huge and confusing (to me) template to wade through.

2. I have been wanting a 3 column template and a more sleek look for some time now.

3. My son teases me mercilessly about the name of my page continually. Thankfully, he has been kind and has not criticized the layout. (I am sure he is biting his tongue on this one, being a graphic design graduate student).

So, my dear friends, today is moving day. I would welcome one and all of you to my new "parlor" to learn of all my adventures. My new address is:

Yarn's the Word

Whew, this is harder than announcing an e-mail change

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Yes, I am home

And yes, it is storming here - we are under a tornado watch until 6 am, so this will be brief.

Yes, we had a wonderful time, and I took loads of pictures and had many fiber adventures which I will share over the next few days.

Yes, I met up with Bess on Monday and we had a marvelous time!

Most of all, my friends who live in Florida - Elayne, Kathy, Cindy and Catherine and all my friends in Knitting Guild, are in my thoughts and prayers, as they have been for several days now.

I will post a lot tomorrow, weather permitting, but right now, I think I'd better close down the computer.

To be continued.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

One more post... before I leave for Virginia. I have packed the most important stuff (2 sock projects, shawl in progress, fiber, drop spindle and digital camera). The other stuff is getting taken care of in small little spurts, since I am still not quite up to par. We plan to picnic tomorrow on the way up - Sandwiches of honey baked ham and of chicken salad and hard boiled eggs to tempt the palate. Have you ever noticed how much better food tastes when you are on a picnic? I wonder why that is so. Anyway, here's wishing you a great couple of weeks and a very happy and safe Labor Day. See you in September...

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well, it's time for vacation, so what should happen? I caught a cold or something. The last 2 days working have been a real drain on my already limited resources.

I ripped out my red mohair shawl in progress - it was turning out to be much too long in the back in proportion to the front. So, I am trying it a different way.

Well, I must go get relaxed and try to help my son come up with a creative idea for an ad campaign. (Ouch - I am so tired, I'm not sure how creative I can be).

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Much Ado About Dyeing

This blog is supposed to be about dyeing, too! I am sure you are thinking that I forgot that. Well, it is embarrassing to admit, but I hadn't done any dyeing since Easter... until this past Friday! Here is what I came up with using a mixture of Indigo and Plum Gaywool dyes. This is Falkland wool, and the roving performed like a dream. It is still just as soft as it was in its undyed state, and it did not felt one little bit. Nice, luxury fiber. Anyhow, here's the picture:

I am looking forward to a great couple of weeks after I get Monday and Tuesday's work out of the way. The latter part of the week, we leave for a 10 day vacation to Williamsburg and surroundings. I am planning on making a detour to Murfreesboro, NC to visit The Woolery. And the following Monday, I am getting to meet with the lovely and talented Bess for lunch and a fun filled fiberly day at the yarn shop and perhaps some spindling. Fiber people are just the best!

Friday, August 20, 2004

That was then... This is now...

Here is a picture of the first shawl I ever made (crocheted). This was while I was in my second year of college, so I will not have to tell you how long ago that was.

This is my most recent shawl, knitted of course, in the marvelous pattern Elayne has created. Also, please note the Cathedral Window Quilt underlay. This marvelous quilt was crafted by my talented late Mother-in-Law.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Now that I have tinked and tinked my template (yes, that is how it felt), I am hoping now that my Knit Tracker is finally visible to everyone.

I am about 1/3 through with the red mohair shawl and plan to post pictures tomorrow. I am finally to the point where I can identify and work around potential boo boos.

Two things mentioned in the blog manual that are "supposed" to make blogs interesting.

1. Make short entries (hey, I'm good at that!) - but I really love some of the longer posts on blogs, too!

2. "Geek out" over a favorite obsession or hobby. Hey - I'm there, too, especially with spinning and probably with the geek part, too.